Marcin Rusak


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Installation shot of 'Flora Noir" at Twenty First Gallery, New York. 2017

Marcin Rusak has started his London based studio in 2015. Specialising in material investigation and experimenting with various processes we produce materials, unique pieces and work on special commissions around objects, sculptural furniture and lighting. Hand made in our atelier or together with specialised artisans, they carry the primary ideas: ephemerality, ageing and value.


Through research, craft, utilisation of modern technology and strong personal aesthetic we try to embrace a complex approach to art in order to reevaluate objects around us and their significance while celebrating the organic outcome of materials and processes. Through our work we convey respect and admiration for natural world allowing it to reveal its own ephemeral beauty.


We celebrate objects that have an element of life on their own. Lasting by changing, evolving over time therefore becoming part of our lives, while contributing a subtle nature of their own.