Flora Table 280


Large dining table of 280cm ( 110” ) length. A sculptural double base structure holds an expanse of translucent black resin in which real flowers are carefully submerged, creating our unique Flora Temporaria material. Finished in polished resin and blackened textured steel.

Flora Temporaria: It’s surface has a painterly quality and is reminiscent of a dark pond or Flemish painting, with flowers sitting just below the water’s surface, mesmerising in silvery tones of colour and form.


• Dimensions: 274 (w) x 120 (d) x 76 (h) cm  /  110'' (w) x 47'' (d) x 30''

• Materials: Flower infused resin, black textured steel.

• Unique piece.  Designed in 2017. Different finishes and sizes available


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