Marcin Rusak



Photograph:  Kat Green

Marcin Rusak (born in 1987, Warsaw, Poland) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer interested in ideas of value, ephemerality and aesthetics. Specializing in storytelling, process and material investigation his work often incorporates research, object and installation as well as visual creations to explore overlooked details of our lives which recreated and reimagined are shown again in a different light.


As the son and grandson of flower growers he has long been fascinated by these natural sources of inspiration and decoration. Engaging them in his creative process began by reusing waste to investigate new decorative elements within every day objects and led to a rich body of work ranging from research and storytelling to cultural criticism around consumption and future scenarios.



• Hokuriku Kogei 2017: Excellence Award Recipient. Toyama, Japan. 2017

• Design Alive Awards 2017: Recipient. Warsaw, Poland. 2017

• Mazda Design Award 2017: Recipient. Warsaw. Poland. 2017

• The Arts Foundation Fellowship: Shortlisted. Brighton, UK. 2016

• The Architectural Digest Design Award: Recipient. Berlin, Germany. 2016

• Maison & Objet Rising Talent Award, Nominated by Ilse Crawford: Recipient. Paris, France 2017

• Hospital Club 100 Award: Shortlisted. London, UK. 2016

• Wallpaper Design Award Recipient. London, UK. 2016

• Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize Recipient London, UK. 2015

• Research In Making Award: Decorex Recipient. London UK. 2015

• Decorex Future Heritage Foundation: Receipient. London, UK. 2015

• Moving Minds: Sustain RCA Award Recipient. London, UK. 2015

• Brilliant: Eddie Mundy Award: Nomination. London, UK. 2014


Selected Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions:

• Flora Noir: Twenty First Gallery, New York, USA. May 2017

• Inflorescence and Other Artefacts: Contemporary Applied Arts, London, 2015


Group exhibitions:


• Worlds Kogei 100: Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design, Japan, 2017

• PAD London: Sarah Myerscough Gallery. London, UK, October 2017

• Jerwood Visual Arts: Jerwood Charitable Foundation, London, UK, June 2017

• Morphosis: Schloss Hollenegg, Schwanberg, Austria, May 2017

• Design Miami Basel: Nature Lab. Miami, USA. 2016

• handiCRAFT: Traditional Skills in the Digital Age: MAK Vienna, Austria.  2016

• London Design Festival: British Craft Pavilion. London, UK. 2016

• Breathless: London Design Festival. London, UK. 2016

• Design Miami Basel: Nature Lab. Basel, Switzerland. 2016

• Design Days Dubai: Crafts Council. Dubai, UAE, 2016

• What Is Luxury?: V&A, London, UK. 2015

• Ready, Made, Go: ACE Hotel Shoreditch, London, UK. 2015

• Future Heritage: Decorex. London, UK. 2015

• Biennale internationale Design. Saint-Étienne, France. 2015

• Concerning Plants: Select Festival, London, UK. 2015

• Big.Small: London Design Festival, London, UK. 2014

• RCA Sustain Awards : Royal College of Art, London, UK. 2014